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            Your Trusted Life Safety
            and Security Advisor

            Communication Company has been designing, installing and servicing life safety, security and communications systems since 1976.

            Nurse Call

            We offer Rauland Responder? integrated healthcare communications systems, which combine traditional nurse call with a variety of complementary communications technologies and management tool.


            Communication Company provides advanced security, surveillance and monitoring technologies integrated to connect safety to your internal team communications.

            K-12 Education

            Communication Company is proud to provide advanced safety and security technologies for primary, secondary and specialized private and public school settings.

            Government Security

            Our well-rounded capabilities and product offerings allow us to provide complete communications systems for government applications.

            Higher Education

            Communication Company of South Bend is proud to provide advanced safety and security technologies for technical schools, colleges and large universities.

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            Offering a Diverse Range of Services for all Sectors

            Communication Company has the expertise to handle every aspect of design and installation for your communications system, from fire alarm installation, monitoring and service to a full spectrum nurse call system, to pro sound and audio, we have something for every organization.
            We Are Your Trusted COVID-19 Life Safety and Security Advisor

            We are committed to being your trusted safety and security advisor during this pandemic. Click below to learn more about our solutions for addressing the battle against COVID-19.
            All New Logos

            Secured School Safety Grant Program

            Apply today to secure between $35,000 and $50,000 toward your next security project. Call Communication Company for more information.
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